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Ruedesheim has a lot of possibilities to spend the free time exciting, varied and unforgettable.
We compiled a few hints for you! We would be pleased to help you with the organization of your excursions. Please feel free to ask us for help!

Informations about Ruedesheim am Rhein
The official Homepage of Ruedesheim am Rhein with all important informations for citizens and tourists: map, event calendar and much more!

Shipping line Koeln Düsseldorfer (KD)
Was immer Sie auch suchen, KD bietet unvergessliche Momente. Tagesfahrten auf dem Rhein, von Rüdesheim bis zur Loreley, nach Koblenz oder Köln!

Rambling on a higher ground. The Rheinsteig® trail runs along the right bank of the river Rhine between Bonn, Koblenz und Wiesbaden along predominantly narrow paths and challenging inclines, uphill and downhill, leading to forests, vineyards and spectacular views. This exceptionally well sign-posted and closely networked trail offers opportunities for ambitious long-distance walking tours or for a variety of short tours.

Siegfrieds mechanical music cabinett
With more than 300 exhibits unique in Germany - a museum for mechanical music instruments in the town centre of Ruedesheim in the historical Broemserhof. From the big carousel organ to the small musically tobacco tin - your ears will be surprised!

Toy museum
shows toys and model railways of the last 100 years and a bigmodel railway of the rhine valley in the style of the 1930s to the 1950s.

You have to discover a tour with the Winzerexpress in Ruedesheim - you can see all sights and the vineyards from a totally special perspective! Start point above the Drosselgasse at the music cabinett.

In the Asbach visitor centre you can discover a diashow about the development of the Asbach destillery and you can buy Asbach products.

Cable Car Ruedesheim
Every time you take a ride with the Rüdesheim Cable Car, it will be a unique experience. Nevertheless, we try to offer you innovative programms and special combinations according to events in Rüdesheim, which make it even easier to come again and again...

Ruedesheim would be nothing without the world famous "Drosselgasse" - discover the wine pubs with live music, party mood and a lot of atmosphere!

Shipping line Bingen-Rüdesheimer
From Rheingau to Middle Rhine Trips to the Romantic Lorelei between Rudesheim, Bromserburg, Bingen, Castle Klopp, Mouth of Nahe, Ruin Ehrenfels, Mauseturm, Assmannshausen, Burg Rheinstein, Trechtingshausen, Castle Sooneck, Niederheimbach, Castle Heimburg, Lorch, Wispertal, Ruin Nollig, Lorchhausen, Ruin Furstenberg, Bacharach, Castle Stahleck, Pfalz in the Rhine, Kaub, Castle Gutenfels, Oberwesel, Castle Schonburg, Lorelei, St. Goar, Castle Rheinfels, Castle Katz and St. Goarshausen Castle Tours Evening Trips with Live-Music and Dance; Charter Trips to all stations on Rhine river Our Fleet of Boats Discounts Special offers Events / Free seats Rhine map and Boat landing stations

Ruedesheimer christmas market of nations
One of the most beautiful christmas markets in Germany!

Middle Ages Torture museum
Come and view the instruments used for torture in the middle ages. Learn about the methods of torture, witches, funeral piles, witch-hunts, witchcraft, the Inquisition, and the Medieval punishments.

Abbey St. Hildegard Eibingen
Above the town in the vineyards you can find the Abbey St. Hildegard. t was build at the beginning of the 20th century in memory of the great german Saint Hildegard of Bingen. Today the nuns of the Abbey of St Hildegard, like all Benedictines, live by a rule, which is over 1400 years old, and goes back to St Benedict. They are self-sustaining and you can buy candles, wines, jewellery, books and much more in the abbey shop.

Wine museum Broemserburg
In the wine museum Brömserburg you can find the oldest wine oriented collection of the world. Who enters the castle can look forward to a exciting journey through the history of wine. 2000 exhibits are shown and explained in the halls and vaults.